What are the DB2 LUW DBA daily activities?

DB2 DBA Daily Activities:

Daily Activities:

  • ==> Verify all the instances and databases are running.
  • ==> Check the backup status of the databases.
  • ==> Check the archiving of database logs.
  • ==> Verify the pruning of database backups and archival logs.
  • ==> Check the status of Reorg/Runstats jobs if you have enabled.
  • ==> Check the db2 diagnostic logs and notification logs.
  • ==> Check the size/status of each mount database server is using.
  • ==> Verify that you have enough pages available in the tablespaces if auto increment is off.
  • ==> Capture the database and SQLs snapshots during the specific workloads.
  • ==> Advising the indexes and other recommendations for the SQL queries.
  • ==> Check the database and database manager config parameters which might need a tuning.
  • ==> Handle the adhoc requests from developers and other team members database perspective.
  • ==> Try to automate the database jobs as much as possible to ease the work.
  • ==> Try to learn new features, methods, tricks, functionalities.

Weekly Activities:

  • ==> Look for new objects.
           ==> Run db2look and write the report to a file every week.
                          -- Check for differences between the new output and the previous week's output.
           ==> Select object names from SYSCAT.TABLES, SYSCAT.INDEXES,                                              SYSCAT.PROCEDURES    
                          -- Check for differences between the new output and the previous week's output.
  • ==> Look for new or changed applications.
  • ==> Look for tables and/or indexes needing REORG.
  • ==> Look for tables and indexes needing RUNSTATS.
  • ==> Look for the 10 most active tables.
  • ==> Archive all alert logs and DB2DIAG.LOG files.

Monthly Activities:

  • ==> Look for indicators of exceptional growth.
  • ==> Project future performance based on projected growth.



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